Beta Signup

The KeyVR Connect Beta includes

  • Subscription licenses
  • Multiple Users

KeyVR Connect provides you and your team with the ability to engage together, from around the world, in the same virtual space, at the same time, leading to enhanced communication and increased time for collaborative design exploration.

Joining the beta

When you have successfully signed up to be a beta tester of KeyVR Connect, you will recieve a mail, with instructions and a download link.

The beta software requires you to log in with your Luxion ID to use it. If you don't have a Luxion ID yet, you will get one when you sign up. One KeyVR Connect Beta subscription allows you to enable KeyVR Connect Beta on up to 2 devices and use it actively on one at a time.

If you already have KeyVR installed, don't worry, KeyVR Connect Beta will install right next to it. From the KeyVR Connect Beta Help menu, simply select which version to use when you launch a scene from KeyShot.

Visit the KeyVR Connect manual for setup instructions or details on joining a KeyVR Connect session.

When the beta period ends your login will stop working and you can simply uninstall KeyVR Connect Beta.

We discurage use of beta software for production files. If you would like to test an existing scene, we recommend to work on a copy of the scene instead of the original one.


We are excited to hear what you think about KeyVR Connect Beta and encurage you to share your feedback with us in the beta section of our Forum.